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Problem: I can’t seem to log into the repository using my user name and password. Solution: Check the username and password you are using to log into the repository, they may have been incorrectly entered. If you have forgotten your password it cannot be currently retrieved. This will happen after CAREO gets access to the… Read More »


You may need these plugins to view some objects in the repository: Required to view streaming and downloadable video (.mov) files.   May be required to play some interactive content such as simulations.   Required to view any Acrobat (.pdf) files.    


Draft: Repository Conceptual Architecture The CAREO conceptual architecture is constructed around a three-tier, client-server model, and is comprised of three main components: 1) the repository application itself, 2) the clients or users; and 3) the metadata store.   Draft: CAREO Advisory Board Terms of Reference. by Terry Anderson & Tim Buell (May 2001). “The CAREO… Read More »


Membership in CAREO is free and open to anyone. Members enjoy a variety of services including: access to all sections of this site personalise layouts and information delivery Interactive Subscriptions Services For more detail about the benefits of membership download the CAREO user guide.

Partners & Alliances

To provide a world-class collection and community for Alberta educators, CAREO has formed alliances with a number of related projects. MERLOT: (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) MERLOT is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students in higher education. With a continually growing collection of online learning materials, assignments… Read More »

News & Events

News, reports and events related to CAREO and its mission.   May – October, 2002: ViStA Testbed. This testbed project, undertaken for Alberta Learning, involves the development of a number of interfaces for different K-12 age groups, allowing for easy, visual browsing of repository contents. It will also entail the integration of streaming media into… Read More »